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Marvin and Molly

Sheepsy publishing and Pekingese Puppy are proud to present Marvin and Molly. A fun story, available as a beautifully illustrated picture book and a vibrant, interactive, animated app with colourful games included.

Marvin and Molly love to play together all day long, but one day Molly wants to marry Marvin! Marvin doesn't understand, and Molly doesn't know what to do.

In this funny tale about friendship and not growing up too soon, Joseph Theobald answers the question most asked by his readers - Are Marvin and Molly married?

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Marvin Wanted More

Marvin Wanted MORE!
Marvin is not a happy sheep. He is smaller than the other sheep, he can't run as fast, nor can he jump as high. So Marvin decides to EAT! But however much he eats, Marvin still wants MORE!

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  Marvin Gets MAD Book

Marvin Gets MAD!
One perfect morning Molly eats the apple that Marvin had his eye on. He has a terrible tantrum, rampaging through the countryside. Who can calm Marvin down?

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